Adult Classes

As believers, we are called to both celebrate and imitate Christ. At Plainfield Bible Church, one of our main goals is to equip and encourage our church body to bring the gospel to their families, workplaces, neighborhoods and communities.


January - March, 2019 Adult Classes:




  • "Run to Win" [Men Only] - Pastor Kevin - (Great Room II)

    "Run to Win" by Tim Challies is a back to the basics book about the pursuit of a godly man.  Each chapter is brief but pointed covering the disciplines of faith, life and relationships.  Join Pastor Kevin for a men's time of interaction and application in mutual sharpening.  Copies of "Run to Win" are available in the Book Center.
  • "Isaiah" - Mike Luce - (Music Room [CR205])

    Isaiah's name explains the theme of his book, Salvation is of the Lord!  Mike will continue leading this study in Isaiah.  Every chapter of this miniature Bible (66 chapters) gives us glimpses of God's glory, a promised Messiah and the horrible cost of idolatry.  Isaiah is quoted in the NT more than any other prophet.  Chapter 53 alone is quoted or alluded to 85 times.  No wonder this book is referred to as "The gospel according to Isaiah!" 
  • "Daniel" - Pastor Dave - (Auditorium)

    Join Pastor Dave for a historical journey through the earthly kingdoms prophesied in the book of Daniel.  Fulfilled prophecy is proof of our Lord's sovereignty and His active role in human history.  We will travel to Babylon with Daniel and his companions, watch Persia rise to power, and follow the Greeks and Romans into the intertestamental period (with some Maccabees, Sadducees, and Pharisees mixed in for good measure)!  These formative years lay the groundwork for the world in which our Savior will enter with His message of salvation "when the fullness of time  had come!"