Key Questions

Why should I commit to a C.A.R.E group?

  • As Christians, we should long to be with others who love Jesus and desire to follow Him. Furthermore, God desires for His children to encourage, comfort, pray and build up one another. A better question to ask yourself is, “Does someone need YOU to commit to a CARE group?”

When do C.A.R.E. groups begin and how often do they meet?

  • They normally run during the school year months (September—May).

  • They meet weekly (3rd week off each month) and in the evenings (Monday-Thursday).

Is there a curriculum (i.e. DVD, workbooks, etc.)?

  • Our CARE groups use a Responsible Discussion Format (RDF), which simply means that our groups are discussion-based with the intent to apply Sunday’s message to our daily lives.

  • Discussion questions are provided weekly and are located in a separate insert in the PBC bulletin.

What about babysitting?            

  • Every church that has a “small group” ministry acknowledges the challenges of child care. The leadership of PBC believes that IF every member embraces the “heartbeat” of CARE groups, which is being “others-oriented”, each CARE group will figure out how to best meet the needs of its members.

What is the process of being “placed” in a CARE group?

  • First step: Fill out an information card (these are located on tables in the main foyer)

  • Second step: The Overseer of CARE groups will examine the data and place individuals / couples on the basis of geography, demography and group stability.

  • Third step: Your CARE group leader will contact you.

What if I just have questions regarding C.A.R.E. groups?            

  • Contact leadership by phone (317) 839-7592 or e-mail