Student Ministries

Student Ministries at PBC is comprised of the following groups:

At PBC, Student Ministries desires to be relationalmissional and instructional



Being “relational” is NOT just a young person’s thing; it is everyone’s thing. God created humans in His image; therefore, since He is relational, we should be also.

Yet to be truly relational, according to the bible, we must fellowship with each other (Acts 2:42). What is fellowship? It is “participating together in the life and truth made possible by the Holy Spirit through our union with Christ”. In other words, we strive to encourage your students, through the means of relationships (i.e. informal discipleship), to live “set apart, authentic lives before God and each other”.

Furthermore, it is our desire that our youth ministry function as part of the fabric of PBC, rather than its own entity. To reinforce this, we promote and provide opportunities for our students to serve and to use their spiritual gifts to strengthen the body life at Plainfield Bible Church (I Cor. 12: 7-12).



This is what is known as a Christian “buzzword”. Though its use today is somewhat original, the concept that it is referring to is not. Being “missional” is simply living out the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:8). The Bible teaches that every Christian is a missionary; therefore, we encourage our students to live on mission (i.e. share their faith with others) in their schools, activities (sports, music, etc.) and homes. This focus is not a PBC thing; it is emphasized throughout the New Testament (Matt. 5:16; Acts 28:30; I Peter 3:15).



Though we believe the primary role of instruction is for the parents, it is God’s desire that the local church complements or reinforces parental guidance through the teaching of God’s Word.

Why is the Bible the central focus of PBC Youth Ministry? It is because we believe the scriptures are God-breathed and sufficient in every area of our lives. Furthermore, the scriptures are clear that the primary responsibility of the local church is to be the pillar and support of the truth (I Tim. 3:15).

At PBC, then, instruction happens through the preaching of God’s word, small group discipleship and special events (camps, conferences, etc.). The goal is to ground our students in the Word, so that they may be more like Jesus and be able to stand firm through the storms of life (Matt. 7:24-27).

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