Women's Generations Tea (2)

Posted by Sue Goda on

How do you see God’s faithfulness most evident in my life? 


In answer to that question aside from God’s daily sustaining faithfulness, two very different situations come to mind instantly.


The first time was at the home going of my husband Warren. The second time was when I was wrongfully accused of something that required legal action, which lasted eleven months.


My first thought or reaction in each situation were very different. In the first situation I ran to God for help, but in the second situation I fell apart. I was crushed that this person could think that about me. –PRIDE- reared its ugly head and I made this all about me and not God--- How could they think that about me? Thankfully my family confronted me by speaking the truth in love.  Ephesians 4:25, and by God’s grace I asked God and my family for forgiveness - 1 John 1:9. The lesson I learned here is that there is a big difference between head knowledge and heart faith.


Out of both of these situations the most important lesson I learned is how God can work good in the mist of trouble - Romans 8:28 &29. These two situations drove me into a deeper study of the word for help in learning how God wanted me to learn ---change--- and grow in Christlikeness. Through my time in the word God taught me that in Him there is help, hope, peace in never ending supply, Proverbs 3:5,6 , Isaiah 26:3, 41:13 just to name a few of my favorite go to verses. Be still and know that I am God - Psalms 46:10.


I often remind myself that: nothing touches me that hasn’t passed through Gods hands. He allowed this trial, therefore, I can endure it. I Corinthians 10:13--- Yet I must choose to trust and obey Him in the mist of it. Just as many saints before me had. Ruth, Esther, Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, Paul just to name a few. 




  1. Dark days require a vertical focus and right thinking.

  2. Be ready for dark days by daily feeding in the Word - Joshua 1:8 and Prayer - Philippians 4:6&7, Psalms 19:14, 119:133.

  3. Know that God is in the situation and in complete control of it, also He is up to good - Romans 8:28 &29.

  4. Know God is your only source of hope - Psalms 18:1-2a.

  5. Remember God is the potter and we are the clay - Isaiah 29:16.

Key: Know God is trustworthy in ALL of life’s situations - Romans 15:4-6.


Therefore the Bible is our manual for godly living - 1 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:3.


We must be able to say with a submitted heart for God.


God has every right and my permission (submitted heart) to rearrange my life anytime … in anyway… in order to fulfill His plan for its influence, to His Glory - Psalms 18:30 “as for God, His way is perfect the Word if the Lord is proven, He is a shield to all who trust in Him."