Women's Thursday Morning Fall Bible Study (3)

Posted by Lydia Goda on

"Preaching to Yourself & Encouraging Others"



When I was asked the question what have I profited from the Thursday Morning Bible Study on "Preaching to Yourself & Encouraging Others", I honestly did not know where to start.


This class has helped me so much personally and helped me with other people too, and before I would not have known where to start.  I believe the main thing that this class has helped me with is that I am in the Word every day.  I have loved being in the Proverbs every day and not just reading it, but actually looking for a certain topic.  The topic I need the most was what you need to preach to yourself before you help someone else.  An example would be Prov. 1:19 -


"When there are many words, transgression is unavoidable, but he who restrains his lips is wise."




Now on the different topics we talked about each week the one I need the most for myself was what to do when anger gets the upper hand.  Anger in and of itself is not sinful.  One example of when it becomes sin is when you attack the person, not the problem.  You will either ventilate (blow up) or internalize (clam up).  I have the tendency to internalize it then I get to a point that I ventilate it, and in doing this it can cost you the loss of a relationship and communication.


So I have to get right with that person and ask forgiveness for attacking them and not the problem.  One topic that helped me recently with another person is temptation, trial, test and "Christ and your Problems".  The one thing that helped was the six statements in the back of the little book "How to Handle Trouble" by Jay E. Adams:


  1. Recognize God is in the problem.

  2. Remember God is up to something.

  3. Believe He is up to something good.

  4. Discover where and how God is at work.

  5. Get involved with what He is doing.

  6. Expect good effects.


When you break it down into these six things it gets your mind off of yourself and puts your thinking on God.  This was just a couple of examples of what I have learned, but I have to say each topic we discussed has made me more attentive about how I handle the situation.  If someone were to ask me to take this class again I would do it with no questions asked because I know there is still a lot I can learn to help myself grow to be more like Christ and then help others too.