Women's Thursday Morning Fall Bible Study (4)

Posted by Debbie Beck on

"Preaching to Yourself & Encouraging Others"



My reason for coming to Plainfield Bible Church was due to the Women's Ministry of the Thursday Morning Bible Study.  I have truly enjoyed all the studies that I've participated in, but none so much as this last one, "Preaching to Yourself & Encouraging Others".


This study was presented more like a college course with lots of note taking, homework and reading assignments to be done very week.  in the beginning, I was thinking.....really?  But week by week, I grew more and more hungry for the knowledge being shared and taught and I really looked forward to the class, the interactions with others and the homework being offered.  What a blessing it was to be able to get down to the meat of the study and learn how to apply it to your life to help you further grow in your Christian walk.


Plainfield Bible Church is a Christ centered church that abounds with doctrinally sound teachers and preachers and I thank God that He led me to worship and grow in this church.