Book Center

God made humans to be “information receptors”. Yet the reality is not all information is profitable. Some of it is even harmful. Therefore, it is our desire that the PBC Book Center functions as an “information oasis”, providing materials and resources that will build you up in the Christian faith. 

   So come and check it out! 

*  Open Sunday mornings before and after classes and sermons.

*  Cash and checks are acceptable forms of payment.


Book of the Month:



"Made For His Pleasure" by Alistair Begg

Pastor Alistair Begg combines devotion with doctrine in presenting 10 benchmarks of a vital faith.  This brief book entitled, "Made for His Pleasure" is a pleasure to read.  R.C. Sproul said, "It reads as a spiritual road map, a trustworthy guide to vital faith and life."  As you journey through this book you will be challenged, blessed and well instructed in the things that matter most.  The chapters are short that allow you to read and reflect upon each benchmark which will revitalize your faith unto the glory of God.